Using the PUMA System

Unknown author (1985-04)

Working Paper

This document describes the operation of the Lisp Machine interface to the Unimation Puma 600 Robot Arm. The interface is evolved from a system described in an earlier paper, and much is the same. However, the under-lying interface between the Lisp Machine and the Puma has changed and some enhancements have been made. VAL has been replaced with a PDP-11/23, communicating with the Lisp Machine over the Chaosnet. The purpose of this document is to provide instruction and information in the programming of the Puma arm from the Lisp Machine. The network protocol is not described here, nor are the internals of the implementation. These details are provided in separate documentation. The reader will find in this paper both a tutorial section and a reference section. The tutorial will lead the reader through a sample session using the Puma by directly calling the primitive operations, and will provide an introduction to programming using the primitives. The reference section provides an overview of the network protocol and describes all of the primitive operations provided. Please note that this document corresponds to the version of the Puma system in use on 11 March, 1985. The system is still undergoing development and enhancement, and there may be additional features, if you are running a newer system. The authors welcome reports of errors, inaccuracies, or suggestions for clarification or improvement in either the documentation or the code for the Puma system. Please send electronic mail to BUG-PUMA@MIT-OZ.