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  • Excited and exotic charmonium, $\textit{D}$$_{s}$ and $\textit{D}$ meson spectra for two light quark masses from lattice QCD 

    Cheung, Gavin; O'Hara, C; Moir, Graham; Peardon, M; Ryan, SM; Thomas, Christopher Edward; Tims, D (SpringerJournal of High Energy Physics, 2016-12-19)
    We present highly-excited charmonium, $\textit{D}$$_{s}$ and $\textit{D}$ meson spectra from dynamical lattice QCD calculations with light quarks corresponding to $\textit{M}$$_{π}$ ∼ 240 MeV and compare these to previous ...

  • Towards radiative transitions in charmonium 

    O'Hara, C; Ryan, SM; Moir, Graham; Thomas, Christopher Edward (Proceedings of Science, 2016-01-01)
    We present preliminary calculations towards radiative transitions in charmonium using anisotropic $\textit{Nf}$=2+1 dynamical ensembles generated by the Hadron Spectrum Collaboration. With the use of newer technologies we ...