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  • Structured light enables biomimetic swimming and versatile locomotion of photoresponsive soft microrobots 

    Palagi, Stefano; Mark, Andrew G; Reigh, Shang-Yik; Melde, Kai; Qiu, Tian; Zeng, Hao; Parmeggiani, Camilla; Martella, Daniele; Sanchez-Castillo, Alberto; Kapernaum, Nadia; Giesselmann, Frank; Wiersma, Diederik S; Lauga, Eric Jean-Marie; Fischer, Peer (Nature Publishing GroupNature Materials, 2016-02-15)
    Microorganisms move in challenging environments by periodic changes in body shape. In contrast, current artificial microrobots cannot actively deform, exhibiting at best passive bending under external fields. Here, by ...