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  • Cosmological solutions with gravitational particle production and nonzero curvature 

    Paliathanasis, A; Barrow, John David; Pan, S (American Physical SocietyPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2017-05-26)
    In a homogeneous and isotropic universe with nonzero spatial curvature we consider the effects of gravitational particle production in the dynamics of the universe. We show that the dynamics of the universe in such a ...

  • Large-scale stability and astronomical constraints for coupled dark-energy models 

    Yang, W; Pan, S; Barrow, John David (American Physical SocietyPhysical Review D, 2018-02-26)
    The physics of the dark energy and the dark matter is still an open issue in cosmology. The dark energy occupies about 68.5% of the total energy density of the universe today [1], and is believed to accelerate its observed ...