Accelerated deconvolution of radio interferometric images using orthogonal matching pursuit and graphics hardware

Van Belle, Jonathan (2016)


Deconvolution of native radio interferometric images constitutes a major computational component of the radio astronomy imaging process. An efficient and robust deconvolution operation is essential for reconstruction of the true sky signal from measured correlator data. Traditionally, radio astronomers have mostly used the CLEAN algorithm, and variants thereof. However, the techniques of compressed sensing provide a mathematically rigorous framework within which deconvolution of radio interferometric images can be implemented. We present an accelerated implementation of the orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm (a compressed sensing method) that makes use of graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware, and show significant accuracy improvements over the standard CLEAN. In particular, we show that OMP correctly identifies more sources than CLEAN, identifying up to 82% of the sources in 100 test images, while CLEAN only identifies up to 61% of the sources. In addition, the residual after source extraction is 2.7 times lower for OMP than for CLEAN. Furthermore, the GPU implementation of OMP performs around 23 times faster than a 4-core CPU.