Multi-level analysis of localisation problems

Sluys, LJ ; Estrin, Y ; Wells, Garth Nathan (2001)

Conference Object

Localisation processes, such as shear banding and necking, have been investigated following a macroscopic and a microscopic approach. Both approaches have been formulated within a finite deformation plasticity framework. Additional terms have been used to regularise the problem and solve mesh dependency. In the macroscopic model viscosity is introduced as a means to control the thickness of the shear band, while in the microscopic model the nonlocal interaction of dislocations acts as a stabiliser. The micro-mechanical model is formulated in a crystal plasticity framework. A diffusion term that represents cross-slip of dislocations is included in the evolution equations for dislocation densities. The effect of the viscous term (macro-model) and the diffusion-like term (micro-model) in the constitutive relation on the resulting formation of localised shear modes is studied. An analysis of a strip in tension oriented for multiple slip is presented for both models.