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  • On the motive of some hyperKaehler varieties 

    Vial, Charles Louis (De GruyterJournal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, 2015-06-05)
    We show that the motive of the Hilbert scheme of length-n subschemes on a K3 surface or on an abelian surface admits a decomposition similar to the decomposition of the motive of an abelian variety obtained by Shermenev, ...

  • The Fourier transform for certain hyperKähler fourfolds 

    Shen, Mingmin; Vial, Charles Louis (American Mathematical SocietyThe Fourier transform for certain hyperKähler fourfolds, 2015-11-18)
    Using a codimension-1 algebraic cycle obtained from the Poincar e line bundle, Beauville de ned the Fourier transform on the Chow groups of an abelian variety A and showed that the Fourier transform induces a decomposition ...