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  • Chaos and Entropic Chaos in Kac's Model Without High Moments 

    Carrapatoso, Kleber; Einav, Amit (Institute of Mathematical StatisticsElectronic Journal of Probability, 2013-08-27)
    In this paper we present a new local Lévy Central Limit Theorem, showing convergence to stable states that are not necessarily the Gaussian, and use it to find new and intuitive entropically chaotic families with underlying ...

  • On the Subadditivity of the Entropy on the Sphere 

    Einav, Amit (SpringerThe Journal of Geometric Analysis, 2015-11-17)
    We present a refinement of a known entropic inequality on the sphere, finding suitable conditions under which the uniform probability measure on the sphere behaves asymptomatically like the Gaussian measure on Rᴺ with ...