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Modeling and Simulation as a Service

dc.contributor.authorNgargoto, Mainroal
dc.description.abstractDEVS Modeling & Simulation separates a model from its simulator. A DEVS model describes the structure and the behavior of a system, while a DEVS simulator generates the trajectories of these descriptions through execution threads. The goal of a DEVS standard is to provide a simple and mostly automated way of executing simulations that involve remote and/or heterogeneous DEVS models. This can be achieved by taking two different approaches, which are simulator-based interoperability and model-based interoperability: • In model-based interoperability, models themselves are deployed as services instead of simulators. Using this model driven approach, the operations invoked through the network are no longer simulation mechanisms, but model functions. • In simulator-based interoperability, the main idea is to have a collection of simulation services distributed over the Internet. These services provide several operations for simulating DEVS models in a unified manner. In this work,we propose a Web Services-based modeling and simulation which can be used to solve the above mentioned problem of interoperability of DEVS-based models and DEVS-based simulator. We thendeployed an example of Web Services-based modeling and simulation using the DEVS toolkit SimStudio_1.1and Apache Axis2. We also did a literaturereview of SOA-based DEVS modeling and simulation.en_US
dc.subjectModeling and Simulationen_US
dc.subjectMainroal Ngargoto Rollanden_US
dc.subjectProf. Mamadou Kaba Traoréen_US
dc.subject2014 Computer Scienceen_US
dc.titleModeling and Simulation as a Serviceen_US

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