Smart Multimedia Learning System for Automata Theory

Sam-Oloyede, Rachel Chinye (2017-11-12)


Education is a vital ingredient for a sustainable economy where “knowledge is power”. M- learning initiatives can lessen the digital divide in education and promote a knowledge-based economy. The high saturation of mobile technology has made it imperative to have mobile applications that provide solutions in many aspects of the economy, including education. Smartphones/tablets have gradually become widely adopted mobile learning devices. In Science and Engineering, Automata Theory is a core subject that is abstract and mathematical in nature, which makes it difficult to teach and learn by educators and students respectively. This research is focused on the development of a Smart Multimedia Learning System (SMLS)that provides a multi-sensory learning experience for Automata Theory. The system provides a Finite State Automata (FSA) simulator, a real-time assessment and feedback mechanism for performance tracking. Moreover, SMLS has an integrated text-chat to support active and collaborative learning.