Semantic Sentiment Analysis Based on Probabilistic Graphical Models and Recurrent Neural Networks

Osisiogu, Ukachi Oluwaseun (2019-07-23)


Sentiment Analysis is the task of classifying documents based on the sentiments expressed in textual form, this can be achieved by using lexical and semantic methods. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of semantics to perform sentiment analysis based on probabilistic graphical models and recurrent neural networks. In the empirical evaluation, the classification performance of the graphical models was compared with some traditional machine learning classifiers and a recurrent neural network. The datasets used for the experiments were IMDB movie reviews, Amazon Consumer Product reviews, and Twitter Review datasets. After this empirical study, we conclude that the inclusion of semantics for sentiment analysis tasks can greatly improve the performance of a classifier, as the semantic feature extraction methods reduce uncertainties in classification resulting in more accurate predictions.