Integrated Information System for a Food Processing Industry: Case Study of Cashew Nuts Processing

Udoh, Margaret Ekanem (2021-07-09)

2021 Computer science and Engineering Masters theses


Information System (IS) is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for providing information and knowledge. IS is commonly used by organizations, business firms, institutions to manage their operations, goods, supply chains, financial accounts, customer interaction amongst others. Information System is a major aspect of any business organization. A poorly designed and managed IS can cost a lot to any business. Hence, proper integrated IS should be at core of an organization. Cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical tree that produces cashew apple and cashew seeds. It has been cultivated for food and medicine for over 400 years. Cashew is a natural crop in Nigeria, grown in about 19 states with an annual average production increase of 5% and expected to produce 300,000 metric tonnes of cashew by 2030 (Nigerian Export Promotion Council - NEPC, 2020). With such large quantity of cashew production annually, a well designed information system is needed to manage the financial accounts, supply chain and consumer of the company. This project aims to provide an integrated information system for cashew nut processing in Nigeria. This will greatly avert cashew losses, save cost of exporting cashew and importing cashew nut, generate employment and help generate revenue in Nigeria. Entity relationship models and data warehouse models are used in the information system. Drupal 9, Symfony and Doctrine are software tools used in web application and database development of the information system.