Iterative Methods for Approximation of fixed Points of Certain Multivalued Mappings in Hadamard Spaces

Sani, Salisu (2019-06-09)

2019 Pure and Applied Mathematics Masters Theses


Let (X,d) be a Hadamard space and let D be its closed convex nonempty set. We studied countable family of multivalued demicontractive mappings {Ti} from D to C B(D) with constants {ki} ⊂ (0,1) and developed an iterative scheme for it, where C B(D) denotes the family of nonempty closed bounded subsets of D. Furthermore, with the assumption that the family has at least one common fixed point, we showed that a sequence generated by the proposed algorithm delta and strongly converges to a common fixed point of T 0 is. Our results generalize and improve many result in the literature.