Optimization of Battery Management System on Nano Satellite

Edet, David Kokoette (2021-09-10)

2021 Aerospace Engineering Masters Theses


Battery Management Systems (BMS) are tasked so as to provide an optimum and efficient control over the battery in any satellite EPS. Along with efficiency, these systems also require intelligent safety measures to avoid catastrophic failure when working in space environment. For a large scale of battery pack, the accumulation of the heat generated during the charging and discharging processes might lead to the increase in temperature in the battery pack and thus causing the faster acceleration of electrochemical reaction, this can reduce the battery lifespan and seriously affect the battery charging capability and safety. However, overcharging and the short circuit issue in high thermal condition of battery pack may cause battery damage. For this cause, this thesis aim is to optimizes the charging current so as to minimize the charging time for fast charging of battery before the satellite approaches eclipse, by utilizing a Social Group Optimization Algorithm to overcome the state of charge (SOC) problem whereby improving the battery lifespan. The approached used, account for the reduction of charge time with an efficiency 95.51% compared with other technique used. This entitles that this proposed method performed best over the previous technique and are easy to implement considering all the charging process, which allows maximum protection of the battery from overvoltage, overcharging and overheating conditions. The result shows an almost 9min decrease in the charging time without affecting the capacity and the life cycle which is most significant for the battery life.