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Reservoir Simulation Framework to Support Marginal Field Development Planning

dc.contributor.authorAkpobasaha, Oghenerobor
dc.descriptionMain Thesisen_US
dc.description.abstractDynamic simulators are practical tools used in the oil and gas industry to help make informed decisions, optimize production, reduce risks, and maximize hydrocarbon recovery. They are fundamental for the success and profitability of oil and gas operations, playing a vital role in reservoir engineering and management practices. The objective of this study is to propose an optimal development framework for a marginal field located offshore in the southeast Niger Delta, where only available data are from neighboring fields. The process involves estimating volumes of hydrocarbon-bearing sands through reservoir characterization and static modeling, developing a simulation model, and using it, along with decline curve analysis, to estimate produced hydrocarbon volumes. Next, production constraints are formulated for infill wells using a well simulator to determine optimal flow rates and tubing sizes. An optimized production strategy is then developed by analyzing the sensitivity of the constraints and parameters to oil recovery. Sensitivity analyses were conducted on Tubing Head Pressure (THP) and injection rates to identify the most effective production strategy throughout the 15-year life of field Finally, an economic analysis is performed to assess the project profitability. The study also includes identifying and assessing the environmental, subsurface, and surface risks associated with the field development plan. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the proposed reservoir simulation framework used in the Ratson Sand C project can be applied to similar fields to achieve maximum recovery.en_US
dc.subjectField development planning (FDP)en_US
dc.subjectreservoir simulationen_US
dc.subjectDecline curve analysis (DCA)en_US
dc.subjectproduction optimizationen_US
dc.subjecteconomic analysisen_US
dc.subjectrisk mappingen_US
dc.subjectsensitivity analysesen_US
dc.titleReservoir Simulation Framework to Support Marginal Field Development Planningen_US

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