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Differential Forms and Applications

dc.contributor.authorUchechukwu, Michael Opara
dc.description.abstractThis project deals mainly with Differential Forms on smooth Riemannian manifolds and their applications through the properties of their classical Differential and Integral Operators. The calculus of Differential Forms provides a simple and flexible alternative to vector calculus. It is not dependent on any coordinate system, simplifies or condenses variational principles, offers a more comprehensive means of evaluating multivariate integrals, and is crucial in the analysis of the variation of differentiable functions on smooth manifolds. Differential Forms have numerous applications within (and beyond) Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics. Needless to mention, Differential Forms constitute the ingredients (test functions) of the Theory of k-current which is analogous to Distribution Theory, and so they offer diverse potential tools for research.en_US
dc.subjectUchechukwu Michael Oparaen_US
dc.subjectDr Guy Deglaen_US
dc.subjectDifferential Forms and Applicationsen_US
dc.subject2011 Pure and Applied Mathematics Thesesen_US
dc.titleDifferential Forms and Applicationsen_US

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