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  • The Analysis of Visual Motion: From Computational Theory to Neuronal Mechanisms 

    Unknown author (1986-12-01)
    This paper reviews a number of aspects of visual motion analysis in biological systems from a computational perspective. We illustrate the kinds of insights that have been gained through computational studies and how ...

  • Describing Surfaces 

    Unknown author (1985-01-01)
    This paper continues our work on visual representation s of three-dimensional surfaces [Brady and Yuille 1984b]. The theoretical component of our work is a study of classes of surface curves as a source of constraint ...

  • On Interpreting Stereo Disparity 

    Unknown author (1989-02-01)
    The problems under consideration center around the interpretation of binocular stereo disparity. In particular, the goal is to establish a set of mappings from stereo disparity to corresponding three-dimensional scene ...

  • Toward a Surface Primal Sketch 

    Unknown author (1985-04-01)
    This paper reports progress toward the development of a representation of significant surface changes in dense depth maps. We call the representation the Surface Primal Sketch by analogy with representation of intensity ...