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  • Abstraction in Numerical Methods 

    Unknown author (1987-10-01)
    We illustrate how the liberal use of high-order procedural abstractions and infinite streams helps us to express some of the vocabulary and methods of numerical analysis. We develop a software toolbox encapsulating the ...

  • Causal Reconstruction 

    Unknown author (1993-02-01)
    Causal reconstruction is the task of reading a written causal description of a physical behavior, forming an internal model of the described activity, and demonstrating comprehension through question answering. T his ...

  • Lisp: A Language for Stratified Design 

    Unknown author (1987-08-01)
    We exhibit programs that illustrate the power of Lisp as a language for expressing the design and organization of computational systems. The examples are chosen to highlight the importance of abstraction in program ...