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  • Active Learning with Statistical Models 

    Unknown author (1995-03-21)
    For many types of learners one can compute the statistically 'optimal' way to select data. We review how these techniques have been used with feedforward neural networks. We then show how the same principles may be ...

  • Analysis of Perceptron-Based Active Learning 

    Unknown author (2005-11-17)
    We start by showing that in an active learning setting, the Perceptron algorithm needs $\Omega(\frac{1}{\epsilon^2})$ labels to learn linear separators within generalization error $\epsilon$. We then present a simple ...

  • A Formulation for Active Learning with Applications to Object Detection 

    Unknown author (1996-06-06)
    We discuss a formulation for active example selection for function learning problems. This formulation is obtained by adapting Fedorov's optimal experiment design to the learning problem. We specifically show how to ...

  • Online Active Learning in Practice 

    Unknown author (2007-01-23)
    We compare the practical performance of several recently proposed algorithms for active learning in the online setting. We consider two algorithms (and their combined variants) that are strongly online, in that they do ...