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Visualisation of ATM network connectivity and topology

dc.contributor.advisorBlake, Edwin Hen_ZA
dc.contributor.authorSaal, Oliveren_ZA
dc.descriptionBibliography: leaves 110-113.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractATM and dynamic reconfiguration allow for rapid changes in a virtual path network depending on traffic load and future demands. This technology improves the utilisation, lowers the call blocking probability and increases the overall performance of a network. However, it poses several management difficulties when user intervention is required to resolve complex routing problems. In this dissertation, we describe a visualisation approach which uses a network metaphor to aid administrators in managing dynamic ATM networks. Our metaphor scales well for networks of varying size, addresses the cluttering problem experienced by past metaphors and maintains the overall network context while providing additional support for navigation and interaction.en_ZA
dc.subject.otherComputer Scienceen_ZA
dc.titleVisualisation of ATM network connectivity and topologyen_ZA
dc.publisher.institutionUniversity of Cape Town
dc.publisher.facultyFaculty of Scienceen_ZA
dc.publisher.departmentDepartment of Computer Scienceen_ZA

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