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Welcome to the African University of Science and Technology, Institutional Repository. This is a digital archive service of the AUST Library for the preservation and promotion of research record and supporting research data at AUST. This service also collects, preserves, and distributes the academic output and research materials produced or maintained by AUST.

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Recently Added

  • Loss Function in Acturial Science and Estimation 

    Zulaihat, Hassan (2019-06-23)
    The non-life insurance pricing consists of establishing a premium or a tariff paid by the insured to the insurance company in exchange for the risk transfer. A key factor in doing that is properly estimating the distribution ...

  • Integration in Lattice Spaces 

    Doumbia, Fatima (2019-06-22)
    The goal of this thesis is to extend the notion of integration with respect to a measure to Lattice spaces. To do so the paper is first summarizing the notion of integration with respect to a measure on R. Then, a construction ...

  • Foundation of Stochastic Modeling and Applications 

    Sani, Rahama Abdullahi (2019-06-22)
    This thesis presents an overview on the theory of stopping times, martingales and Brownian motion which are the foundations of stochastic modeling. We started with a detailed study of discrete stopping times and their ...

  • Employing Probabilistic Matching Algorithms for Identity Management in the Telecommunication Industry 

    Odedina, Omolade Temitope (2019-06-23)
    The telecommunication industry has a lot of data related to households, individuals and devices. Advertisers pay a premium to ensure they advertise to their target audience. To ensure that content is personalized, it is ...

  • Variational Inequality in Hilbert Spaces and their Applications 

    Udeani, Cyril Izuchukwu (2019-06-23)
    The study of variational inequalities frequently deals with a mapping F from a vector 0 space X or a convex subset of X into its dual X . Let H be a real Hilbert space and a(u, v) be a real bilinear form on H. Assume that ...

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