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Representations of finite element tensors via automated code generation

dc.creatorOelgaard, Kristian B
dc.creatorWells, G N
dc.description.abstractWe examine aspects of the computation of finite element matrices and vectors which are made possible by automated code generation. Given a variational form in a syntax which resembles standard mathematical notation, the low-level computer code for building finite element tensors, typically matrices, vectors and scalars, can be generated automatically via a form compiler. In particular, the generation of code for computing finite element matrices using a quadrature approach is addressed. For quadrature representations, a number of optimisation strategies which are made possible by automated code generation are presented. The relative performance of two different automatically generated representations of finite element matrices is examined, with a particular emphasis on complicated variational forms. It is shown that approaches which perform best for simple forms are not tractable for more complicated problems in terms of run time performance, the time required to generate the code or the size of the generated code. The approach and optimisations elaborated here are effective for a range of variational forms.
dc.subjectMathematical software
dc.subjectNumerical analysis
dc.subjectProgramming techniques
dc.subjectFinite element methods
dc.subjectAutomatic Programming
dc.titleRepresentations of finite element tensors via automated code generation

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