Masters Theses


The community has master's Students' Theses of Computer Science, Pure & Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Materials Science & Engineering and Petroleum Engineering streams from 2009-2022.

Collections in this community

  • Aerospace Engineering5

    This collection contains research work by Aerospace Engineering Students at master's Level from 2021- 2022
  • Computer Science98

    This collection contains Computer Science Student's Theses from 2009-2022
  • Materials Science and Engineering104

    This collection contains Masters thesis of the Materials Science and Engineering Students from 2009-2022
  • Petroleum Engineering125

    This collection contains master's Theses from 2009 to 2022
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics51

    This collection contains master's Theses of Pure and Applied Mathematics from 2009 to 2022.
  • Systems Engineering1

    This collection contains the research work of Systems Engineering MSc Student's Theses from 2021-2022
  • Theoretical and Applied Physics52

    This collection contains selected research work by Theoretical and Applied Physics Students at the master's level, from 2009-2022.

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