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Screened Coulomb interactions with non-uniform surface charge

dc.creatorGhosal, S
dc.creatorSherwood, John Denis
dc.description.abstractThe screened Coulomb interaction between a pair of infinite parallel planes with spatially varying surface charge is considered in the limit of small electrical potentials for arbitrary Debye lengths. A simple expression for the disjoining pressure is derived in terms of a two-dimensional integral in Fourier space. The integral is evaluated for periodic and random charge distributions and the disjoining pressure is expressed as a sum over Fourier–Bloch reciprocal lattice vectors or in terms of an integral involving the autocorrelation function, respectively. The force between planes with a finite area of uniform charge, a model for the DLVO interaction between finite surfaces, is also calculated. It is shown that the overspill of the charge cloud beyond the region immediately between the charged areas results in a reduction of the disjoining pressure, as reported by us recently in the long Debye length limit for planes of finite width.
dc.publisherRoyal Society Publishing
dc.publisherProceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science
dc.subjectsoft matter
dc.subjectDLVO interaction
dc.subjectdisjoining pressure
dc.subjectscreened Coulomb interactions
dc.titleScreened Coulomb interactions with non-uniform surface charge

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