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  • A Liouville hyperbolic souvlaki 

    Carmesin, Johannes; Federici, B; Georgakopoulos, A (Institute of Mathematical StatisticsElectronic Journal of Probability, 2017-04-25)
    We construct a transient bounded-degree graph no transient subgraph of which embeds in any surface of finite genus. Moreover, we construct a transient, Liouville, bounded-degree, Gromov–hyperbolic graph with trivial ...

  • Connective constants and height functions for Cayley graphs 

    Grimmett, Geoffrey Richard; Li, Z (American Mathematical SocietyTransactions of the American Mathematical Society, 2017-03-31)
    The connective constant $μ$($G$) of an infinite transitive graph $G$ is the exponential growth rate of the number of self-avoiding walks from a given origin. In earlier work of Grimmett and Li, a locality theorem was proved ...