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Variation of Gieseker moduli spaces via quiver GIT

dc.creatorGreb, Daniel
dc.creatorRoss, Julius Andrew
dc.creatorToma, Matei
dc.description.abstractWe introduce a notion of stability for sheaves with respect to several polarisations that generalises the usual notion of Gieseker-stability. We prove, under a boundedness assumption, which we show to hold on threefolds or for rank two sheaves on base manifolds of arbitrary dimension, that semistable sheaves have a projective coarse moduli space that depends on a natural stability parameter. We then give two applications of this machinery. First, we show that given a real ample class ω ∈ N^1(X)_R on a smooth projective threefold X there exists a projective moduli space of sheaves that are Gieseker-semistable with respect to ω. Second, we prove that given any two ample line bundles on X the corresponding Gieseker moduli spaces are related by Thaddeus-flips.
dc.publisherMathematical Sciences Publishers
dc.publisherGeometry & Topology
dc.subjectvariation of moduli spaces
dc.subjectchamber structures
dc.subjectmoduli of quiver representations
dc.subjectsemistable sheaves on Kahler manifolds
dc.titleVariation of Gieseker moduli spaces via quiver GIT

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