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Type theoretic weak factorization systems

dc.creatorNorth, Paige Randall
dc.description.abstractThis thesis presents a characterization of those categories with weak factorization systems that can interpret the theory of intensional dependent type theory with Σ, Π, and identity types. We use display map categories to serve as models of intensional dependent type theory. If a display map category (C, D) models Σ and identity types, then this structure generates a weak factorization system (L, R). Moreover, we show that if the underlying category C is Cauchy complete, then (C, R) is also a display map category modeling Σ and identity types (as well as Π types if (C, D) models Π types). Thus, our main result is to characterize display map categories (C, R) which model Σ and identity types and where R is part of a weak factorization system (L, R) on the category C. We offer three such characterizations and show that they are all equivalent when C has all finite limits. The first is that the weak factorization system (L, R) has the properties that L is stable under pullback along R and all maps to a terminal object are in R. We call such weak factorization systems type theoretic. The second is that the weak factorization system has what we call an Id-presentation: it can be built from certain categorical structure in the same way that a model of Σ and identity types generates a weak factorization system. The third is that the weak factorization system (L, R) is generated by a Moore relation system. This is a technical tool used to establish the equivalence between the first and second characterizations described. To conclude the thesis, we describe a certain class of convenient categories of topological spaces (a generalization of compactly generated weak Hausdorff spaces). We then construct a Moore relation system within these categories (and also within the topological topos) and thus show that these form display map categories with Σ and identity types (as well as Π types in the topological topos).
dc.publisherUniversity of Cambridge
dc.publisherDepartment of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
dc.rightsNo Creative Commons licence (All rights reserved)
dc.subjecthomotopy type theory
dc.subjectweak factorization systems
dc.subjectcategory theory
dc.titleType theoretic weak factorization systems

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