Development of Implantable Scaffold for Ear Tissue Cartilage with Potential Application in Bionic Ears

Ogunkuade, Opeyemi (2021-06-16)


The technology of Organ regeneration and Bionics is fast being adopted to the 21st century medicine. While the regenerative organs will help overcome the challenge of donor and acceptor of organs, bionics present with an opportunity to have advanced function of this organ beyond biological capability This novelle solution of organ printing and cybernetics is used to determine a prospective solution of hearing loss through bionic ears. An approach of 3-D printing is applied which is also a reliable method for cartilage growing of ear tissue. In this study, we confirmed the feasibility of fabricating the cell-printed structure made up of a framework 3-D printed PLA scaffold, growing of human chondrocytes cells on the scaffold, which was observed by various cell growth and viability techniques