Adhesion and Optoelectronic Properties of Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs) and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Light Emitting Devices (HOILEDs) with Tio 2 Nano-Particles

Momodu, Damilola (2010-12-17)


This study examines the basic operation of an Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Light Emitting Devices (HOILED) by looking at the individual characteristics of the each layer which makes up the entire device. Adhesion analysis and different types of layer characterization were carried out. First of all, the material of interest was deposited on AFM tips, clean 1 sq. inch glass substrates and ITO-coated glass with subsequent final fabrication of the device. Characterization was carried out to determine the Surface, Electrical and Optical properties. Results obtained showed improvements in all layer properties when annealed. Deposition techniques and parameters used also affected the final device properties. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) measurements of adhesion between interacting layers were carried out for both normal and hybrid layers on glass and ITO. Results obtained were quantified in terms of average pull-off forces and corresponding adhesion energies were gotten by incorporating forces into theoretical models. This forms a path to further establishing devices with suitable design structures and materials combinations.