Evaluation of a multiprogramming time sharing system through simulation.

Kissemlis, Demetrios Nik (1975)

Includes bibliographical references.

The thesis describes the design and implementation of a simulation model. The model is patterned after the EXEC-8 multiprogramming time sharing operating system on the UNIVAC 1106 computer at the computer centre of the University of Cape Town. Essential elements of the environment have been included such as the maximum number of batch jobs allowed to be in progress concurrently, the core and CPU allocation strategies, swapping, and the sharing of systems resources between batch and demand tasks. The model is conducted in such a manner that makes it capable of assuming and analysing, up to a certain extent, different hardware configurations of the UNIVAC 1100 series computers under the EXEC-8. This is achieved by modifying some parameters or by limited rewriting. The model is implemented in GPSS 1100, a language specially designed for simulation studies.