The design and implementation of an image processing system

Miketinac, Jeanmary (1978)

Bibliography: p. 80-81.


Three of the branches of image processing are touched upon herein: image capture, enhancement and display. Image capture here means 'the making available of an image for further processes to be carried out on it'. This is accomplished by the set of general purpose interrelated I/O and file handling routines for convenience called the NUCLEUS and some tape I/O application tasks. The 'further processes' are carried out by the application routines which are task specific - they perform one operation only. Therefore to obtain an image in the required form may necessitate the use of several application tasks. Chapter 2 contains an introduction to digital images and the architecture of the system, the VICAR system being used as a guideline. Chapters 3 to 5 contain more detailed descriptions of the NUCLEUS and the application tasks with the programming specifications being relegated to Appendices.