A distributed computing environment (DCE) based object request broker

Van der Vlugt, Anique (1996)

Includes bibliographical references.


Object oriented technology has moved beyond being a tool for design and programming and is now being used to implement enterprise wide computer systems. Also, there has been a move from centralised mainframe systems to distributed computing due to the advent of more powerful workstations and faster, more reliable networks. The integration of object oriented technology and distributed computing is becoming a generally accepted method for implementing networked computer solutions. The purpose of the research presented in this thesis is to investigate how the evolving object oriented technologies can build upon the current distributed computing technology by using there underlying infrastructure and then to implement a CORBA compliant distributed Object Request Broker. This involves the design and implementation of a compiler which maps CORBA objects to DCE remote procedure calls. Our objective is to investigate the operation of a distributed object implementation and in particular the performance which can be achieved by a DCE-based Object Request Broker which is CORBA compliant.