Dependence of drop speed on nozzle diameter, viscosity and drive amplitude in drop-on-demand ink-jet printing

Hoath, Stephen Daniel ; Hsiao, W-K ; Jung, Sungjune ; Martin, Graham Dagnall ; Hutchings, Ian Michael (2011)

Conference Object

Results of recent experiments and numerical simulations are presented, which have been used to establish empirical rules for the dependence of drop speed on nozzle diameter and drive amplitude for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids printed with a range of different ink-jet print-head technologies. Experiments were carried out with Xaar, MicroFab and Spectra Dimatix print heads and with solutions of polystyrene in diethyl phthalate as model fluids. These results are compared with predictions from recent numerical codes developed by collaborators in the University of Leeds, and from simple models for drop-on-demand fluid jetting resulting from physical laws