Collective Cell Migration: Leadership, Invasion and Segregation

Kabla, Alexandre Joseph


Video S1-S2 : Behaviour of a homogeneous cell population with motile strength respectively equal to 0.05 and 0.1 (J=5). The colors of individual cells are arbitrary. Video S3 : Evolution of a group of 25 motile cells with a motile strength equal to 0.125 (J=5). Video S4 : Population of motile cells in which 4% of leader cells have been introduced. The leader cells are all polarized from left to right. Normal cells start with a random polarization. They are tinted in red/pink colors whereas normal cells are green/blue. Video S5-S7 : Populations of non-motile cells in which a few isolated motile cells have been introduced. The motile strength on the motile cells are respectively 0.125, 0.25, 0.35. Video S8-S10 : Model tumors made of motile cells with strength mu=0.125, 1.75 and 0.5 respectively. These movies have been generated using 4 times less cells than for the invasion results presented in the papers, in order to reduce the image size. Video S11 : Segregation experiment. Motile and non motile cells are introduced in identical proportions, organised initially in a chessboard pattern. The video is accelerated 5 times compared to the previous videos; images have been scaled down 4 times in each dimension as well.