Investigation of two industrial developmental injectors using Large Eddy Simulation and ProperOrthogonal Decomposition

Ayache, Simon (2012-09-03)


This report is a complement to the PhD thesis entitled "Simulations of turbulent swirl combustors". This work extends the application of the Large Eddy Simulation/ Conditional Moment Closure approach developed in the thesis to flows of industrial level of geometric complexity. It has been carried out during a secondment to work at Rolls-Royce plc with the aim of sharing fundamental and applied research developments. In the PhD thesis, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) has been systematically used in order to analyze further the physics underlying the large numerical datasets obtained during the simulations. The work presented here applies these analytical methods developed in the PhD work for the academic TECFLAM burner to two lean-burn industrial injectors. POD identifies the different PVCs generated by the different swirlers composing the injector and it associates a frequency to each of them. The LES/POD analysis of industrial injectors gives results that are very consistent with the ones obtained for the TECFLAM academic burner in the PhD thesis.