Nonlinear FE analysis of cracks in tension and shear

Kesse, G ; Lees, Janet Marillyn (2007-05-01)


Smeared-crack finite element (FE) analyses of reinforced-concrete beams strengthened with prestressed carbonfibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) shear straps have shown that, at high load levels, the stresses in the straps predicted by the FE analyses were less than the observed experimental values. As the straps are elastic and brittle it is important to investigate this anomaly since otherwise the FE predictions of CFRP shear-strengthened structures could prove to be unconservative. It was postulated that the concrete crack models used in the analyses were inadequate and thus the current work focuses on the FE modelling of cracks subjected to tension and shearing actions. Details of nonlinear FE analyses of the crack behaviour are presented and it is concluded that it is necessary to incorporate advanced crack models in order accurately to predict the stress in the CFRP reinforcing elements.