Numerical methods for systems of highly oscillatory ordinary differential equations

Khanamiryan, Marianna (2010-06-08)


This thesis presents methods for efficient numerical approximation of linear and non-linear systems of highly oscillatory ordinary differential equations. Phenomena of high oscillation is considered a major computational problem occurring in Fourier analysis, computational harmonic analysis, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and fluid dynamics. Classical methods based on Gaussian quadrature fail to approximate oscillatory integrals. In this work we introduce numerical methods which share the remarkable feature that the accuracy of approximation improves as the frequency of oscillation increases. Asymptotically, our methods depend on inverse powers of the frequency of oscillation, turning the major computational problem into an advantage. Evolving ideas from the stationary phase method, we first apply the asymptotic method to solve highly oscillatory linear systems of differential equations. The asymptotic method provides a background for our next, the Filon-type method, which is highly accurate and requires computation of moments. We also introduce two novel methods. The first method, we call it the FM method, is a combination of Magnus approach and the Filon-type method, to solve matrix exponential. The second method, we call it the WRF method, a combination of the Filon-type method and the waveform relaxation methods, for solving highly oscillatory non-linear systems. Finally, completing the theory, we show that the Filon-type method can be replaced by a less accurate but moment free Levin-type method.