Resonant slepton production yields CMS eejj and epTjj excesses

Allanach, Benjamin Christopher ; Biswas, Sanjoy ; Mondal, Subhadeep ; Mitra, Manimala (2015-01-13)


Recent CMS searches for dileptoquark production report local excesses of 2.4σ in an eejj channel and 2.6σ in an epTjj channel. Here, we simultaneously explain both excesses with resonant slepton production in R-parity violating supersymmetry. We consider resonant slepton production, which decays to a lepton and a chargino/neutralino, followed by three-body decays of the neutralino/chargino via an R-parity violating coupling. There are regions of parameter space which are also compatible at the 95% confidence level with a 2.8σ eejj excess in a recent CMS WR search, while being compatible with other direct search constraints. Phase II of the GERDA neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ) experiment will probe a sizable portion of the good-fit region.