Resonances in coupled πK, ηK scattering from lattice QCD

Wilson, David John ; Dudek, Jozef J ; Edwards, Robert G ; Thomas, Christopher Edward (2015-03-10)


Coupled-channel πK and ηK scattering amplitudes are determined by studying the finite-volume energy spectra obtained from dynamical lattice QCD calculations. Using a large basis of interpolating operators, including both those resembling a qq¯ construction and those resembling a pair of mesons with relative momentum, a reliable excited-state spectrum can be obtained. Working at mπ = 391 MeV, we find a gradual increase in the JP = 0+ πK phase-shift which may be identified with a broad scalar resonance that couples strongly to πK and weakly to ηK. The low-energy behavior of this amplitude suggests a virtual bound-state that may be related to the κ resonance. A bound state with JP = 1− is found very close to the πK threshold energy, whose coupling to theπK channel is compatible with that of the experimental K *(892). Evidence is found for a narrow resonance in JP = 2+. Isospin–3/2 πK scattering is also studied and non-resonant phase-shifts spanning the whole elastic scattering region are obtained.