Consistency of the recent ATLAS Z+E_T^miss excess in a simplified general gauge mediation model

Allanach, Benjamin Christopher ; Raklev, Are ; Kvellestad, Anders (2015-05-20)


ATLAS recently reported a 3σ excess in a leptonic-Z+E_T^miss channel. This was interpreted in the literature in a simplified general gauge mediation model containing a gluino, a Higgsino next-to-lightest supersymmetric particle and a gravitino lightest supersymmetric particle. We test the consistency of this explanation in lieu of the results of the corresponding search in CMS, and other LHC searches for new physics. Due to nondecoupling effects from squarks the parameter space of these models is split into two regions; in one region additional leptons via top quark production are expected, while the other region sees a large probability for zero-lepton events. After combining the relevant constraints we find that these models cannot explain the ATLAS excess. [Images - see article]