Uniqueness of the Kerr-de Sitter spacetime as an algebraically special solution in five dimensions

Freitas, Gabriel Bernardi de ; Godazgar, Mahdi ; Reall, Harvey Stephen (2015-08-20)


We determine the most general solution of the five-dimensional vacuum Einstein equation, allowing for a cosmological constant, with (i) a Weyl tensor that is type II or more special in the classification of Coley et al., and (ii) a non-degenerate “optical matrix” encoding the expansion, rotation and shear of the aligned null direction. The solution is specified by three parameters. It is locally isometric to the 5d Kerr–de Sitter solution, or related to this solution by analytic continuation or taking a limit. This is in contrast with four dimensions, where there exist infinitely many solutions with properties (i) and (ii).