ATLAS diboson excess could be an R-parity violating dismuon excess

Allanach, Benjamin Christopher ; Dev, PS Bhupal ; Sakurai, Kazuki (2016-02-09)


We propose a new possible explanation of the ATLAS diboson excess: that it is due to heavy resonant slepton production, followed by decay into dismuons. The smuon has a mass not too far from the W and Z masses, and so it is easily confused with W or Z bosons after its subsequent decay into dijets, through a supersymmetry violating and R-parity violating interaction. Such a scenario is not currently excluded by other constraints and remains to be definitively tested in Run II of the LHC. Such light smuons can easily simultaneously explain the discrepancy between the measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and the Standard Model prediction.