R-Parity Violation in a Warped GUT Scale Randall-Sundrum Framework

Allanach, Benjamin Christopher ; Iyer, AM ; Sridhar, K (2016)


We consider a modified Randall-Sundrum (RS) framework between the Planck scale and the GUT scale. In this scenario, RS works as a theory of flavour and not as a solution to the hierarchy problem. The latter is resolved by supersymmetrising the bulk, so that the minimal supersymmetric standard model being the effective 4-dimensional theory. Matter fields are localised in the bulk in order to fit fermion-mass and mixing-data. If R-parity violating (R_p) terms are allowed in the superpotential, their orders of magnitude throughout flavour space are then predicted, resulting in rich flavour textures. If the R_p contributions to neutrino masses are somewhat suppressed, then lepton-number violating models exist which explain the neutrino oscillation data while not being in contradiction with current experimental bounds. Another promising model is one where baryon number is violated and Dirac neutrino masses result solely from fermion localisation. We sketch the likely discovery signatures of the baryon-number and the lepton-number violating cases.