Cosmological solutions of $\small \textit{f(T)}$ gravity

Paliathanasis, Andronikos ; Barrow, John David ; Leach, PGL (2016-07-28)


In the cosmological scenario in $\small \textit{f(T)}$ gravity, we find analytical solutions for an isotropic and homogeneous universe containing a dust fluid and radiation and for an empty anisotropic Bianchi I universe. The method that we apply is that of movable singularities of differential equations. For the isotropic universe, the solutions are expressed in terms of a Laurent expansion, while for the anisotropic universe we find a family of exact Kasner-like solutions in vacuum. Finally, we discuss when a nonlinear $\small \textit{f(T)}$-gravity theory provides solutions for the teleparallel equivalence of general relativity and derive conditions for exact solutions of general relativity to solve the field equations of an $\small \textit{f(T)}$ theory.