Detrainment of plumes from vertically distributed sources

Bonnebaigt, Rachael ; Caulfield, Colm-cille Patrick ; Linden, Paul Frederick (2016-11-22)


We present experimental results demonstrating that, for the turbulent plume from a buoyancy source that is vertically distributed over the full area of a wall, detrainment qualitatively changes the shape of the ambient buoyancy profile that develops in a sealed space. Theoretical models with one-way-entrainment predict stratifications that are qualitatively different from the stratifications measured in experiments. A peeling plume model, where density and vertical velocity vary linearly across the width of the plume, so that plume fluid “peels” off into the ambient at intermediate heights, more accurately captures the shape of the ambient buoyancy profiles measured in experiments than a conventional one-way-entrainment model does.