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An Eclipse-Based Graphical Modeling Tool for Discrete Event Simulation

dc.contributor.authorUfuoma, Bright Ighoroje
dc.description.abstractWe propose DEVS-Driven Modeling Language (DDML), a graphical notation for DEVS [1] modeling and an Eclipse-based graphical editor, Eclipse-DDML. DDML attempts to bridge the gap between expert modelers and domain experts making it easy to model systems, and capture the static, dynamic, and functional aspects of a system. At the same time, it unifies C-DEVS and P-DEVS models. DDML integrates excellent modeling concepts from powerful formalisms and glues them in one unique consistent framework. Eclipse-DDML provides enhanced graphical editing; further simplifying model construction and promoting good modeling practices. Integration with eclipse simplifies software development, installation, and updates. This also makes the editor extensible.en_US
dc.subjectUfuoma Bright Ighorojeen_US
dc.subject2010 Computer Scienceen_US
dc.subjectProf. Mamadou Kaba Traoréen_US
dc.subjectDiscrete Event Simulationen_US
dc.subjectAn Eclipse-Based Graphical Modeling Toolen_US
dc.titleAn Eclipse-Based Graphical Modeling Tool for Discrete Event Simulationen_US

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