Injectivity and Stability for a Generic Class of Generalized Radon Transforms

Homan, Andrew ; Zhou, Hanming (2016-06-30)


Let (M, g) be an analytic, compact, Riemannian manifold with boundary, of dimension n≥2. We study a class of generalized Radon transforms, integrating over a family of hypersurfaces embedded in M, satisfying the Bolker condition (in: Quinto, Proceedings of conference “Seventy-five Years of Radon Transforms”, Hong Kong, 1994). Using analytic microlocal analysis, we prove a microlocal regularity theorem for generalized Radon transforms on analytic manifolds defined on an analytic family of hypersurfaces. We then show injectivity and stability for an open, dense subset of smooth generalized Radon transforms satisfying the Bolker condition, including the analytic ones.