Total Positivity in Markov Structures

Fallat, S ; Lauritzen, S ; Sadeghi, Kayvan ; Uhler, C ; Wermuth, N ; Zwiernik, K (2017-06)


We discuss properties of distributions that are multivariate totally positive of order two (MTP$_{2}$) related to conditional independence. In particular, we show that any independence model generated by an MTP$_{2}$ distribution is a compositional semigraphoid which is upward-stable and singleton-transitive. In addition, we prove that any MTP$_{2}$ distribution satisfying an appropriate support condition is faithful to its concentration graph. Finally, we analyze factorization properties of MTP$_{2}$ distributions and discuss ways of constructing MTP$_{2}$ distributions; in particular we give conditions on the log-linear parameters of a discrete distribution which ensure MTP$_{2}$ and characterize conditional Gaussian distributions which satisfy MTP$_{2}$.