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Development of a Computer Program for Solids Control

dc.contributor.authorAdjimah, Margaret Jacqueline
dc.description.abstractComputer software is used extensively to increase productivity and reduce man's hours of labour. This work presents the development of a solids control software (SOLCON) which is designed for real time mud system management and quick performance of routine rig computations: determination of total solids and low gravity solids content; mud property and density control requiring optimal ejection rate into the mixing pit; volume of mud and amount of barite, bentonite and additives to be added during the upgrading process of the mud. This software has the ability to evaluate the need for dilution depending on the maximum allowable drilled solids, viscosity and recommended total solids in the drilling fluid. Finally, this software provides the atmosphere to control drilled solids as quickly as possible with all the necessary parameters.en_US
dc.subjectAdjimah Margaret Jacquelineen_US
dc.subjectProf. Samuel Osisanyaen_US
dc.subjectComputer Programen_US
dc.subjectDevelopment of a Computer Programen_US
dc.subjectSolids Controlen_US
dc.subject2011 Petroleum Engineering Thesesen_US
dc.titleDevelopment of a Computer Program for Solids Controlen_US

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