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Effect of Disorder on Spin Transport in Topological Non-Trivial Magnetic Textures

dc.contributor.authorOsuala, Cynthia Ihuoma
dc.description.abstractAn effect that is observed when an electron passes through a non-collinear magnetic textures such as skyrmion, the electron gets deviated as a result of the fictitious magnetic field generated by the skyrmion giving rise to Topological (spin) Hall effect. our interest is on the effect of disorder (magnetic and non-magnetic) on transport of non-trivial topological textures. In these work we carry out a thorough study of the topological Hall and topological spin Hall effects and test the robustness and efficiency of these topological signals against disorder for a wide range of regime; from weak to strong exchange. We also model the effect of both magnetic and non-magnetic impurity and observe some subtle dependence on the disorder strength for weak exchange.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipAUST and AfDB.en_US
dc.subjectOsuala Ihuoma Cynthiaen_US
dc.subjectDr. Akosa Ashu Collinsen_US
dc.subject2019 Theoretical and Applied Physicsen_US
dc.subjectTopologigical Non-trivial magnetic texturesen_US
dc.titleEffect of Disorder on Spin Transport in Topological Non-Trivial Magnetic Texturesen_US

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